• On a daily basis, we turn to our social networks to get recommendations for trusted and reliable service providers and stores...
  • Today, Search engines for service providers are spread in various websites and mobile apps, mainly including general reviews and ratings from people you don’t know - missing the believe and trust connections...
  • There is no social network that relays on your phone contacts. You can get live updates on new services, see activities and so much more...
  • Service providers, practically are not exposed to their contacts and contacts friends who search for the services they can provide...

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Our Features

Trusted Search

Our app helps you search and get services done by contacts or other trusted service providers recommended, connected to you via friends


Phone contacts activities - News and posts, new services and projects, recommendations on service and much more...

Professional Profile

Personal info, services, projects, posts, recommendations on services, profile on other social (Facebook, LinkedIn...)


Endorse your contacts for the services they provide and get recommended by them

Business Opportunity

Opportunities to everyone, to become a service provider. Free, easy to start and manage. Get new business opportunities and grow (by contacts, friends of contacts, and others interested in your services)

More Features

Recommend contacts out of sera.app (for thier services), messaging and much more...

About us

Sera app offers the perfect platform, solution to the massive and exhausting search problem for service providers in various websites and apps (with general reviews). Our unified platform, similar to any social network today - Free, simple and easy to manage, incorporating your phone contacts and others with first, second and third circles of acquaintance.

What we offer?

Trusted Search for Service providers and stores - Get any service you need, in one click, by your contacts or other service providers recommended by them. "Word of mouth" in your hand.

Trusted Professional social Network based on phone contacts (real people you are connected with daily), Get - Updates and activities on services and more...

We are constantly adding new services to our app, Here are our Top Categories

Software and Development Application Develop, UX Designer... + 16 services
Computers and Electronics Computers repair, Electrical products... + 10 services
Events Photography, Events Entertainment....+ 18 services
Home and Garden Cleaning services, Babysitting...+ 52 services
Education Personal lessons, Horse riding ...+11 services
Consulting and Pro Services Legal, Writing & Editing...+49 services
Traveling Tour guide...+8 services
Food Steakhouse, Bakery...+ 16 services
Constructions Renovations, Interior design...+ 24 services
Sports and Beauty Personal training, Spa... + 27 services
Auto and Transportations Mechanics, Car sales ... + 27 services
Health and Medicine Medicine consulting, Dentists... +34 services

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